Saqi Books

“Still issuing titles that stimulate and challenge . . . books with editorial audacity.”—The Independent “Are there any publishing houses left worth following? Certainly there are—they are the small ones, striving to make an impact without big budgets. Profile Books, Saqi Books, Shorts Books, etc. are all succeeding in bringing out fine original books.”—Evening Standard “Saqi reflected progressive trends: it was amongst the first in the 1980s to publish feminist works on women and Islam, such as Fatima Mernissi’s Beyond the Veil.”—The Bookseller Saqi was founded in 1984 with the inspiration of printing quality academic and general-interest books on the Middle East. Saqi’s links with cutting-edge and authoritative voices from North Africa and the Middle East have led to a rigorous reassessment of Arab cultural heritage. Since then Saqi has expanded its network to include writers from the Balkans, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, and the United Kingdom. Saqi publishes a wide range of titles including books on history, politics, arts, architecture, gender issues, and women’s studies. A magnet for daring new voices from across the globe, Saqi's broad international outlook has never been more relevant.